CompTIA A+ 220-902 Question F-43

A user reports that the PC is not working. After questioning the user, the technician believes the problem is a bad memory module. Which of the following is the NEXT step the technician should take?

A. Document findings, actions, and outcomes
B. Test the theory by replacing the motherboard
C. Test the theory by running memory diagnostic software
D. Verify the system is working correctly

Correct Answer: C

CompTIA A+ 220-902 Question D-85

A user reports that the desktop PC shuts down 10 minutes after turning it on in the morning. When the technician moves the PC, it sounds like there are loose parts sliding around in the case. Which of the following is the MOST likely explanation for the PC shutting down?

A. The CMOS battery is bad.
B. A memory module has become unseated.
C. The heat sink retaining clip has broken loose.
D. The hard drive cable has become unseated.

CompTIA A+ 220-902 Question D-35

The computer was booting normally yesterday, but in the morning a message appears stating “Operating System Not Found”. This can be caused by which of the following? (Select TWO).

A. Bad memory module
B. Bad USB controller
C. Bad hard drive
D. Bad IDE or SATA controller
E. Bad CPU

Correct Answer: CD

CompTIA A+ Question J-90

A technician is tasked with replacing a failed memory module with 204 pins. Which of the following modules will the technician order?


Correct Answer: E

CompTIA A+ Question J-44

A technician has just installed two memory modules on a motherboard that supports DDR3 RAM with the bus speed up to 1600 MHz. The specifications of memory are DDR3 1066 MHz for one module and DDR3 1333 MHz for another. On which of the following bus speeds will the system function?

A. 800 MHz
B. 1000 MHz
C. 1066 MHz
D. 1600 MHz

Correct Answer: C


CompTIA A+ Question I-74

A technician is given a failed memory module with 184 pins and is told to order a replacement. Which of the following modules will the technician order?


Correct Answer: A

CompTIA A+ Question I-62

When upgrading RAM in a laptop, which of the following would a technician need to check FIRST in the manufacture’s specifications?

A. Compatibility between CPU and memory module
B. Maximum capacity of the motherboard
C. Number of slots available on the motherboard
D. Maximum capacity of each RAM module

Correct Answer: B

CompTIA A+ Question E-25

Emily, a user, brings her laptop in and reports that it is no longer charging. Additionally, the laptop can no longer stay powered on even when plugged in. Which of the following hardware components is MOST likely in need of replacement?

A. Hard drive
B. Memory modules
C. System fan
D. Wireless card
E. System board

Correct Answer: E