CompTIA Network+ Question C-65

A network technician receives a spool of Cat 6a cable and is asked to build several cables for a new set of Ethernet runs between devices. Which of the following tools are MOST likely needed to complete the task? (Choose three.)

A. Wire stripper
B. Cable crimper
C. RJ-11 connectors
D. RJ-45 connectors
E. Multimeter
F. Punchdown tool
G. Tone generator

Correct Answer: ABD

CompTIA A+ Core 2 Question H-49

A new network drop was just installed and the technician determined it was not terminated correctly. Which of the following tools would the technician use to terminate a network wall jack correctly?

A. Cable crimper
B. Cable tester
C. Punchdown
D. Wire strippers

Correct Answer: C

CompTIA A+ Core 2 Question G-24

A network consultant needs to redo a CAT5e wall jack that has become unusable due to recent physical damage. In order to install the replacement jack, which of the following tools would need to be used to both install and validate the hardware? (Select TWO).

A. Cable crimper
B. Loopback plug
C. Voltage meter
D. Cable tester
E. Punch down tool

Correct Answer: DE