CompTIA Security+ Question L-47

Which of the following may significantly reduce data loss if multiple drives fail at the same time?

A. Virtualization
C. Load balancing
D. Server clustering

Answer: B

RAID, or redundant array of independent disks (RAID). RAID allows your existing servers to have more than one hard drive so that if the main hard drive fails, the system keeps functioning.

CompTIA Security+ Question I-71

Jane has implemented an array of four servers to accomplish one specific task. This is BEST known as which of the following?

A. Clustering
C. Load balancing
D. Virtualization

Answer: A

Anytime you connect multiple computers to work/act together as a single server, it is known as clustering. Clustered systems utilize parallel processing (improving performance and availability) and add redundancy (but also add costs).

CompTIA Security+ Question I-12

Which of the following provides the BEST application availability and is easily expanded as demand grows?

A. Server virtualization
B. Load balancing
C. Active-Passive Cluster

Answer: B

Load balancing is a way of providing high availability by splitting the workload across multiple computers.

CompTIA Security+ Question H-99

Which of the following devices would be MOST useful to ensure availability when there are a large number of requests to a certain website?

A. Protocol analyzer
B. Load balancer
C. VPN concentrator
D. Web security gateway

Answer: B

Load balancing refers to shifting a load from one device to another. A load balancer can be implemented as a software or hardware solution, and it is usually associated with a device—a router, a firewall, NAT appliance, and so on. In its most common implementation, a load balancer splits the traffic intended for a website into individual requests that are then rotated to redundant servers as they become available.

CompTIA Security+ Question H-33

Emily, a security architect, has developed a framework in which several authentication servers work together to increase processing power for an application. Which of the following does this represent?

A. Warm site
B. Load balancing
C. Clustering

Answer: C

Anytime you connect multiple computers to work/act together as a single server, it is known as clustering. Clustered systems utilize parallel processing (improving performance and availability) and add redundancy. Server clustering is used to provide failover capabilities / redundancy in addition to scalability as demand increases.

CompTIA Security+ Question G-92

Which of the following technologies was developed to allow companies to use less-expensive storage while still maintaining the speed and redundancy required in a business environment?

B. Tape Backup
C. Load Balancing
D. Clustering

Answer: D

CompTIA Security+ Question G-31

A network administrator recently updated various network devices to ensure redundancy throughout the network. If an interface on any of the Layer 3 devices were to go down, traffic will still pass through another interface and the production environment would be unaffected. This type of configuration represents which of the following concepts?

A. High availability
B. Load balancing
C. Backout contingency plan
D. Clustering

Answer: A

High availability (HA) refers to the measures used to keep services and systems operational during an outage. In short, the goal is to provide all services to all users, where they need them and when they need them. With high availability, the goal is to have key services available 99.999 percent of the time (also known as five nines availability).

CompTIA Security+ Question G-10

A company replaces a number of devices with a mobile appliance, combining several functions.
Which of the following descriptions fits this new implementation? (Select TWO).

A. Cloud computing
B. Virtualization
C. All-in-one device
D. Load balancing
E. Single point of failure

Answer: C,E

The disadvantages of combining everything into one include a potential single point of failure, and the dependence on the one vendor. The all –in-one device represents a single point of failure risk being taken on.

CompTIA Security+ Question G-4

After an assessment, auditors recommended that an application hosting company should contract with additional data providers for redundant high speed Internet connections. Which of the following is MOST likely the reason for this recommendation? (Select TWO).

A. To allow load balancing for cloud support
B. To allow for business continuity if one provider goes out of business
C. To eliminate a single point of failure
D. To allow for a hot site in case of disaster
E. To improve intranet communication speeds

Answer: B,C

A high-speed internet connection to a second data provider could be used to keep an up-to-date replicate of the main site. In case of problem on the first site, operation can quickly switch to the second site. This eliminates the single point of failure and allows the business to continue uninterrupted on the second site. Note: Recovery Time Objective The recovery time objective (RTO) is the maximum amount of time that a process or service is allowed to be down and the consequences still be considered acceptable. Beyond this time, the break in business continuity is considered to affect the business negatively. The RTO is agreed on during BIA creation.

CompTIA Security+ Question F-63

The server administrator has noted that most servers have a lot of free disk space and low memory utilization. Which of the following statements will be correct if the server administrator migrates to a virtual server environment?

A. The administrator will need to deploy load balancing and clustering.
B. The administrator may spend more on licensing but less on hardware and equipment.
C. The administrator will not be able to add a test virtual environment in the data center.
D. Servers will encounter latency and lowered throughput issues.

Answer: B

Migrating to a virtual server environment reduces cost by eliminating the need to purchase, manage, maintain and power physical machines. The fewer physical machines you have, the less money it costs.