CompTIA Network+ Question C-22

An administrator only has telnet access to a remote workstation. Which of the following utilities will identify if the workstation uses DHCP?

A. tracert
B. ping
C. dig
D. ipconfig
E. netstat

Correct Answer: D

The ipconfig command displays the TCP/IP configuration of a Windows system. The ipconfig /all command displays the system’s TCP/IP configuration in detail. This output includes whether DHCP is enabled or not.

CompTIA A+ 220-902 Question C-47

A user calls the helpdesk and states that they are receiving an IP conflict error on their computer. The user is on a company network that uses DHCP. The technician verified the PC is using DHCP to obtain TCP/IP settings. Which of the following commands should the helpdesk technician use to resolve this issue? (Select TWO).

A. Ipconfig /renew
B. Ipconfig /registerdns
C. Ipconfig /all
D. Ipconfig /flushdns
E. Ipconfig /release

CompTIA A+ Question F-67

A user, Emily, logs in to her computer and receives an error that states “this IP address is already in use”. All computers are assigned dynamic IP addresses. When following best practices, which of the following commands should the technician run? (Select TWO).

A. ipconfig
B. ipconfig /release
C. ipconfig /flushdns
D. ipconfig /renew
E. ipconfig /?
F. ipconfig /all

Correct Answer: BD