CompTIA Security+ Question K-23

A security administrator wants to implement a solution which will allow some applications to run under the user’s home directory and only have access to files stored within the same user’s folder, while other applications have access to shared folders. Which of the following BEST addresses these requirements if the environment is concurrently shared by multiple users?

A. OS Virtualization
B. Trusted OS
C. Process sandboxing
D. File permission

Answer: C

Sandboxing involves running applications in restricted memory areas. It limits the possibility of an application crash, allowing a user to access another application or the data associated with it.

CompTIA Security+ Question I-10

A file on a Linux server has default permissions of rw-rw-r–. The system administrator has verified that Ann, a user, is not a member of the group owner of the file. Which of the following should be modified to assure that Ann has read access to the file?

A. User ownership information for the file in question
B. Directory permissions on the parent directory of the file in question
C. Group memberships for the group owner of the file in question
D. The file system access control list (FACL) for the file in question

Answer: C

The file permissions according to the file system access control list (FACL) are rw-rw-r–. The first ‘rw-‘ are the file owner permissions (read and write). The second ‘rw-‘ are the group permissions (read and write) for the group that has been assigned the file. The third ‘r–‘ is the All Users permissions; in this case read only. To enable Ann to access the file, we should add Ann to the group that has been assigned to the file.

Topic 6, Cryptography

CompTIA A+ 220-902 Question E-29

A technician is installing a new operating system. The company policy requires that the file system used must support file permissions and security. Which of the following should the technician use to BEST meet the company needs?

C. FAT32

Correct Answer: A

CompTIA A+ 220-902 Question C-43

A user has reported a file permissions issue to the network administrator. The administrator tries to recreate the problem on their computer but has no trouble accessing the file. Which of the following BEST describes what is occurring?

A. The user did not taken ownership of the file from the server.
B. The user is logged in using the wrong local profile.
C. The user is not in the appropriate group to have access to the file.
D. The user has been granted “read only” access to the file.

Correct Answer: C

CompTIA A+ 220-902 Question B-89

Which of the following BEST represents a security vulnerability of mobile devices? (Select TWO).

A. Unauthorized downloads
B. Viruses
C. Improper file permissions
D. Phishing
E. Theft

Correct Answer: BE

Security of mobile devices can be compromised when a virus infects the device. Another way is theft because a mobile device is portable and can be easily be handled or pocketed.