CompTIA Security+ Question A-14

Peter, the systems administrator, is setting up a wireless network for his team’s laptops only and needs to prevent other employees from accessing it. Which of the following would BEST address this?

A. Disable default SSID broadcasting.
B. Use WPA instead of WEP encryption.
C. Lower the access point’s power settings.
D. Implement MAC filtering on the access point.

Answer: D

If MAC filtering is turned off, any wireless client that knows the values looked for (MAC addresses) can join the network. When MAC filtering is used, the administrator compiles a list of the MAC addresses associated with users’ computers and enters those addresses. When a client attempts to connect and other values have been correctly entered, an additional check of the MAC address is done. If the address appears in the list, the client is allowed to join; otherwise, it is forbidden from doing so.