CompTIA Network+ Question A-23

Peter, a network technician, is setting up a DHCP server on a LAN segment. Which of the following options should Peter configure in the DHCP scope, in order to allow hosts on that LAN segment using dynamic IP addresses, to be able to access the Internet and internal company servers? (Select THREE).

A. Default gateway
B. Subnet mask
C. Reservations
D. TFTP server
E. Lease expiration time of 1 day
F. DNS servers
G. Bootp

Correct Answer: ABF

The question states that the client computers need to access the Internet as well as internal company servers. To access the Internet, the client computers need to be configured with an IP address with a subnet mask (answer B) and the address of the router that connects the company network to the Internet. This is known as the ‘default gateway’ (answer A).
To be able to resolve web page URLs to web server IP addresses, the client computers need to be configured with the address of a DNS server (answer F).