CompTIA Network+ Question A-1

A company has decided to update their usage policy to allow employees to surf the web unrestricted from their work computers. Which of the following actions should the IT security team implement to help protect the network from attack as a result of this new policy?

A. Install host-based anti-malware software
B. Implement MAC filtering on all wireless access points
C. Add an implicit deny to the core router ACL
D. Block port 80 outbound on the company firewall
E. Require users to utilize two-factor authentication

Correct Answer: A

To protect the computers from employees installing malicious software they download on the internet, antimalware should be run on all systems.
After a single machine in a company is compromised and is running malicious software (malware), the attacker can then use that single computer to proceed further into the internal network using the compromised host as a pivot point. The malware may have been implemented by an outside attacker or by an inside disgruntled employee.