VCP – Data Center Virtualization – Question 92

Exam 2V0-622 : VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization

A Telco customer is implementing NFV using vSphere as the virtualization platform. Which feature can help achieve a high packet rate with lower CPU consumption?

A. Network I/O Control
B. SplitRX

Correct Answer: B

SplitRx mode uses multiple physical CPUs to process network packets received in a single network queue. This feature can significantly improve network performance for certain workloads. These workloads include:

Multiple virtual machines on one ESXi host all receiving multicast traffic from the same source. (SplitRx mode will typically improve throughput and CPU efficiency for these workloads.)

Traffic via the vNetwork Appliance (DVFilter) API between two virtual machines on the same ESXi host. (SplitRx mode will typically improve throughput and maximum packet rates for these workloads.)

In vSphere 5.1 and later this feature is automatically enabled for a VMXNET3 virtual network adapter (The only adapter type on which it is supported) when ESXi detects that a single network queue on a physical NIC is both (a) heavily utilized and (b) getting more that 10,000 broadcast/multicast packets per second.