VCP – Data Center Virtualization – Question 27

Exam 2V0-622 : VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization

Which are two supported storage primitives for VAAI NAS? (Choose two.)

A. Full File Clone
B. Reserve Space
C. hardware assisted locking
D. block zeroing

Correct Answer: AB

ESXi 5.x, support for NAS Hardware Acceleration is included with support for these primitives:

Full File Clone – Like the Full Copy VAAI primitive provided for block arrays, this Full File Clone primitive enables virtual disks to be cloned by the NAS device.
Native Snapshot Support – Allows creation of virtual machine snapshots to be offloaded to the array. Extended Statistics – Enables visibility to space usage on NAS datastores and is useful for Thin Provisioning. Reserve Space – Enables creation of thick virtual disk files on NAS.

Note: Previously, the only supported VMDK type that could be created on NAS was thin.