PMP Question 52

You are managing an electronic chip design project for a customer. There are a number of engineers and subject matter experts from the customer’s organization that have been assigned as resources to the project, as well as several additional design engineers that have been supplied by your company. All the engineers have been involved in the development of a prototype chip; a very time consuming and expensive process. Upon the completion of the prototype, you submit it for review to ensure that there are no patent infringement issues with the design. When the results come back, it is determined that there are multiple issues that could result in an intellectual property dispute with the patent owners, should the prototype design be released commercially. The affected prototype elements were developed by resources from your company as well as your customer’s organization. What should you do?

A. Submit the prototype as is, as the budget and schedule do not accommodate rework.
B. Ask the engineers to revise the design and resubmit it.
C. Notify the project stakeholders immediately.
D. Request permission to use the copyright material

D. Request permission to use the copyright material