PMP Question 148

To assist with the selection of a supplier for a large procurement on your project, you’ve hired a consultant. The consultant has prepared an independent estimate to be used as a benchmark while reviewing bids on the RFP. The independent estimate is confidential and is not shared with any bidders. When the sealed bids are opened, you discover that only 1 supplier, has submitted a quote lower than the independent estimate. All other quotes are 45% to 70% higher than the benchmark. While discussing this development with members of the project team, you learn that the company with the lowest bids is owned by a distant relative of the consultant you hired to create the benchmark. What is the best course of action?

A. Confirm that the lowest bidder has understood the requirements and award them the contract’.
B. Since one of the supplier knows more than others, you must disclose the independent estimate to all others to be fair.
C. Disqualify the lowest bidder.
D. Review the RFP specifications and requirements.

D. Review the RFP specifications and requirements.