PMP Question 11

John is in the process of preparing the project performance report for the team meeting. He is expecting many questions from his stakeholders on the budget and schedule. He calculates the following values; Budget at Completion (BAC) = $22,000, Earned Value (EV) = $13,000, Planned Value (PV) = $ 14,000, Actual cost (AC) = $15,000.

What is the Estimate at Completion (EAC) for the project if the work is performed at the budgeted rate?

A. $24,000
B. $36,000
C. $22,500
D. $37,000

A. $24,000 – If the project work is performed at the budgeted rate, the Estimation at Completion can be determined using the formula (EAC) = AC + (BAC – EV)