CompTIA Security+ Question M-28

A company’s bank has reported that multiple corporate credit cards have been stolen over the past several weeks. The bank has provided the names of the affected cardholders to the company’s forensics team to assist in the cyber-incident investigation.

An incident responder learns the following information:
– The timeline of stolen card numbers corresponds closely with affected users making Internet-based purchases from diverse websites via enterprise desktop PCs.
– All purchase connections were encrypted, and the company uses an SSL inspection proxy for the inspection of encrypted traffic of the hardwired network.
– Purchases made with corporate cards over the corporate guest WiFi network, where no SSL inspection occurs, were unaffected.

Which of the following is the MOST likely root cause?

A. HTTPS sessions are being downgraded to insecure cipher suites
B. The SSL inspection proxy is feeding events to a compromised SIEM
C. The adversary has not yet established a presence on the guest WiFi network
D. The payment providers are insecurely processing credit card charges

Answer: D