CompTIA Security+ Question E-45

Peter, a security administrator, is concerned with users tailgating into the restricted areas. Given a limited budget, which of the following would BEST assist Peter with detecting this activity?

A. Place a full-time guard at the entrance to confirm user identity.
B. Install a camera and DVR at the entrance to monitor access.
C. Revoke all proximity badge access to make users justify access.
D. Install a motion detector near the entrance.

Answer: B

Tailgating is a favorite method of gaining entry to electronically locked systems by following someone through the door they just unlocked. With a limited budget installing a camera and DVR at the entrance to monitor access to the restricted areas is the most feasible solution. The benefit of a camera (also known as closed-circuit television, or CCTV) is that it is always running and can record everything it sees, creating evidence that can be admissible in court if necessary.