CompTIA Security+ Question E-24

Emily, the Chief Security Officer (CSO), has had four security breaches during the past two years.
Each breach has cost the company $3,000. A third party vendor has offered to repair the security hole in the system for $25,000. The breached system is scheduled to be replaced in five years.
Which of the following should Emily do to address the risk?

A. Accept the risk saving $10,000.
B. Ignore the risk saving $5,000.
C. Mitigate the risk saving $10,000.
D. Transfer the risk saving $5,000.

Answer: D

Risk transference involves sharing some of the risk burden with someone else, such as an insurance company. The cost of the security breach over a period of 5 years would amount to $30,000 and it is better to save $5,000.