CompTIA Security+ Question C-92

A systems engineer has been presented with storage performance and redundancy requirements for a new system to be built for the company. The storage solution must be designed to support the highest performance and must also be able to support more than one drive failure. Which of the following should the engineer choose to meet these requirements?

A. A mirrored striped array with parity
B. A mirrored mirror array
C. A striped array
D. A striped array with parity

Answer: B

Mirroring means the data written to one drive is exactly duplicated to a second drive in real time. Disk mirroring is also known as RAID 1 and the data is intact in a RAID 1 array if either one of the two drives fails. After the failed drive is replaced with a new drive, you remirror the data from the good drive to the new drive to re-create the array.