CompTIA Security+ Question B-45

Ann is a member of the Sales group. She needs to collaborate with Peter, a member of the IT group, to edit a file. Currently, the file has the following permissions:
Sales Group:read
IT Group:no access If a discretionary access control list is in place for the files owned by Ann, which of the following would be the BEST way to share the file with Peter?

A. Add Peter to the Sales group.
B. Have the system administrator give Peter full access to the file.
C. Give Peter the appropriate access to the file directly.
D. Remove Peter from the IT group and add him to the Sales group.

Answer: C

Peter needs access to only one file. He also needs to ‘edit’ that file. Editing a file requires Read and Write access to the file. The best way to provide Peter with the minimum required permissions to edit the file would be to give Peter the appropriate access to the file directly.