CompTIA Network+ Question B-40

An organization is moving to a new datacenter. During the move, several technicians raise concerns about a system that could potentially remove oxygen from the server room and result in suffocation. Which of the following systems are they MOST likely discussing?

A. Fire suppression
B. Mantraps at the entry
D. UPS and battery backups

Correct Answer: A

Fire suppression systems are often deployed in server rooms to prevent a fire destroying all the I.T. equipment. Different fire suppression systems work in different
ways. Obviously a fire suppression system that sprays water onto the fire is no good for a server room as the water would do as much damage as the fire. A common fire suppression system used in server rooms is one that suppresses the fire by starving it of oxygen. One way the oxygen can be removed from the server room is to fill the server room with an inert gas such as carbon dioxide.