CompTIA Network+ Question A-16

Multiple students within a networking lab are required to simultaneously access a single switch remotely. The administrator checks and confirms that the switch can be accessed using the console, but currently only one student can log in at a time. Which of the following should be done to correct this issue?

A. Increase installed memory and install a larger flash module.
B. Increase the number of VLANs configured on the switch.
C. Decrease the number of VLANs configured on the switch.
D. Increase the number of virtual terminals available.

Correct Answer: D

You can set a limit of how many virtual terminals that can simultaneously be connected to a switch. Here the limit is set to one, and we should increase it. For a Cisco network device:
You can use virtual terminal lines to connect to your Cisco NX-OS device, for example a switch. Secure Shell (SSH) and Telnet create virtual terminal sessions. You can configure an inactive session timeout and a maximum sessions limit for virtual terminals.
session-limit sessions Example:
switch(config-line)# session-limit 10
Configures the maximum number of virtual sessions for the Cisco NX-OS device. The range is from 1 to 64.