CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Question 38

A hospital uses a legacy electronic medical record system that requires multicast for traffic between the application servers and databases on virtual hosts that support segments of the application. Following a switch upgrade, the electronic medical record is unavailable despite physical connectivity between the hypervisor and the storage being in place. The network team must enable multicast traffic to restore access to the electronic medical record. The ISM states that the network team must reduce the footprint of multicast traffic on the network.

Using the above information, on which VLANs should multicast be enabled?

A. VLAN201, VLAN202, VLAN400
B. VLAN201, VLAN202, VLAN700
C. VLAN201, VLAN202, VLAN400, VLAN680, VLAN700
D. VLAN400, VLAN680, VLAN700

Correct Answer: D