CompTIA A+ Question I-69

Which of the following is an advantage of dynamic addressing?

A. To allow hosts with different subnet masks to communicate
B. To prevent host computers from staying at one address
C. To allow easy addition of new hosts to the network
D. To allow hosts to use multiple addresses at the same time

Correct Answer: C

CompTIA A+ Question I-69

Which of the following describes the MAIN difference between a plenum rated cable versus a non- plenum rated cable?

A. A reduced production of hazardous fumes when subjected to fire
B. The ability to be bent into tighter turning radiuses within conduit
C. A reduced noise level when bundled in groups of 20 or more
D. The ability to transmit data with fewer cross-talk interruptions

Correct Answer: A

Plenum cable is sheathed with fire retarded substance. Therefore, the production of hazardous fumes will be lower in plenum cable than in other cables not coated with fire retardant material.