CompTIA A+ Question I-66

A user can no longer launch their word processing program. The program worked fine yesterday. Which of the following options could BEST be used to fix the word processing program?

A. Safe Mode
B. Automated System Recovery
C. Last Known Good Configuration
D. System Restore

Correct Answer: D

CompTIA A+ Question I-66

Which of the following is used to facilitate communications with a user’s smartphone in order to make purchases and payments by proximity?

A. Bluetooth

Correct Answer: C

CompTIA A+ Question I-66

A technician is tasked with selecting components to build a computer that will be used for computer aided drafting and computer aided modeling. Which of the following components are the BEST choices? (Select TWO).

A. Triple channel memory
B. MIDI sound card
C. Socket 1156 motherboard
D. Onboard graphics
E. Socket 1366 CPU