CompTIA A+ Question I-47

A recent power outage has affected several circuits in the same region, and the helpdesk is receiving an overwhelming number of calls from users who are having network connectivity issues. Which of the following examples of professionalism should the helpdesk focus on the MOST while answering these calls?

A. Do not trivialize the customer’s problems.
B. Be culturally sensitive.
C. Document and record every conversation.
D. Ask open-ended questions to narrow the scope of the problem.

Correct Answer: A

CompTIA A+ Question I-47

Which of the following is the correct connector for an internal floppy drive?

A. 50-pin SCSI
B. 40-pin ribbon
C. 34-pin ribbon
D. 4-pin SATA

Correct Answer: C

CompTIA A+ Question I-47

A technician is preparing to perform a processor upgrade on a critical company server. Which of the following precautions should be taken FIRST before performing such work on a system? (Select TWO).

A. Discharge all capacitors inside the PSU
B. Remove all jewellery
C. Ensure the PSU is plugged into a grounded electrical socket
D. Ensure humidity levels within the room are lowered
E. Put on an anti-static wrist strap

Correct Answer: BE