CompTIA A+ Question I-31

Which of the following connectors would terminate a POTS connection?

B. F
C. RJ-45
D. RJ-11

Correct Answer: D


CompTIA A+ Question I-31

A new company is thinking of upgrading its media workstation in the conference room. The computer will be predominantly used for graphically intensive presentations, slideshows, and video gaming tournaments. Which of the following BEST satisfies the needs of the company?

A. High-end video, high-end audio, multicore processor
B. Minimum RAM required, network connectivity, high-end cooling
C. Media streaming, file sharing, gigabit NIC, dual monitors, TV tuner
D. Network connectivity, TV tuner, surround sound audio, dual monitors

Correct Answer: A

CompTIA A+ Question I-31

A technician is tasked with setting up a web server for a small business. Where would the technician place the server so that it is accessible from the Internet while keeping the customer’s network separated from it?

A. In the DMZ
B. Behind NAT
C. Outside the DHCP scope
D. Inside the DHCP scope