CompTIA A+ Question I-22

Peter, a home user, reports that on occasion he cannot print from his laptop to his wireless printer. The problem seems to occur only when Peter is at one end of his home. A technician checks the signal strength of the laptop in that location and finds it to be good. The technician notes that Peter’s router is using the default SSID with no encryption. Which of the following could be the issue?

A. The printer drivers need to be updated on the laptop.
B. The wireless printer does not have wake on LAN set properly.
C. The laptop is picking up another router with default settings.
D. The wireless network needs to have encryption turned on in order to print.

Correct Answer: C

If you keep the default SSID without encryption, your wifi can get mixed with another WIFI with default settings. To avoid this problem, create a unique SSID with strong encryption so it doesn’t get mixed up in the air.

CompTIA A+ Question I-22

Which of the following would be an example of prohibited content?

A. Third party proxy sites
B. Malicious cookie
C. Detected virus
D. Unwanted pop-up

Correct Answer: D