CompTIA A+ Question I-13

Which of the following is a way to disable wireless on a Windows laptop? (Select TWO).

A. Use the wireless switch on the laptop hardware
B. Disable `connect to networks automatically’ in Wireless settings
C. Connect the laptop to a wired network
D. Disable Internet connection sharing
E. Disable the wireless adapter in Device Manager

Correct Answer: AE

CompTIA A+ Question I-13

A technician installs a new inkjet printer at a workstation. The new drivers are installed from a CD and a test page runs successfully. When a document containing tables and graphics is printed, it comes out with partial graphics and misaligned tables. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

A. Install and test the closest match to that printer model from Windows.
B. Visit the vendor’s website and download the most recent driver for that printer.
C. Research the issue on the Internet and try to find a solution.
D. Reinstall the printer driver from the CD that came with the printer.

Correct Answer: B

CompTIA A+ Question I-13

Upon entering a computer room, a technician is shocked by a static electricity discharge when touching one of the computers. Which of the following environmental controls should be adjusted so that technicians will not be shocked in the future?

A. The temperature must be increased.
B. The humidity level must be decreased.
C. The temperature must be decreased.
D. The humidity level must be increased.

Correct Answer: D