CompTIA A+ Question I-12

A user wants to store a personal video to view at a later time. Which of the following types of media is the LEAST expensive with a maximum capacity of 750MB?

A. USB drive
C. Blu-Ray

Correct Answer: D

CompTIA A+ Question I-12

A customer reports that their 4-year-old PC takes a long time to boot. The technician investigates and finds the BIOS is rediscovering the hardware environment at every boot. Which of the following will MOST likely fix this problem?

A. Change out the CMOS battery on the motherboard.
B. At the OS level, launch “Device Manager” and re-scan the hardware.
C. Hit “F9” while the computer is booting, but before the OS starts to load.
D. Reset the BIOS using the CMOS reset jumper.

Correct Answer: A

When CMOS battery loses its juice, the BIOS will act strangely everytime you boot the PC. Change the CMOS battery regularly to keep the BIOS on the motherboard performing optimally.