CompTIA A+ Question H-19

A first time PC owner drops off their brand new PC for service, reporting that it is slow and the memory should be 12GB according to the box but only reports 4GB. The RAM voltage was set improperly; one chip needed to be reseated and the BIOS had to be set to use the triple channel architecture. When picking up the PC the customer asks what was wrong. Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate response for this customer?

A. “Your PC’s memory was installed incorrectly. I removed it and put it back in. Additionally the XMP profile needed to be adjusted for TCA.”
B. “It was very complicated and technical in nature. If you do not mess with the settings, it should be fine from now on.”
C. “You had the DDR3-1600 set up wrong; you set it for 1.5v and single channel.”
D. “The PC’s memory, or RAM, needed to have the correct settings applied to be utilized correctly. It should work fine now.”

Correct Answer: D