CompTIA A+ Question E-88

A technician installs a biometric device using the manufacturer supplied driver. After confirming the device functions properly, the technician performs Windows and antivirus updates. Which of the following would BEST explain why the biometric device no longer functions?

A. The recently updated antivirus scanning software is interfering with the proper operations of the biometric device.
B. A virus that specifically targets retinal scanning software infected the PC because the user was late applying new definitions.
C. The recently installed Windows updates overwrote the manufacturer’s supplied biometric device driver.
D. The biometric device needs to be recalibrated due to environmental conditions involved with the installation.

Correct Answer: C

Microsoft updates Windows oftenly. The update contains drivers as well. The possible reason of the problem is that Windows update manufacturer’s device driver during the update process. Check the driver to confirm the issue. You can always install the original driver for the biometric device if this problem occurs.