CompTIA A+ Question C-51

Peter, an irate customer, calls the help desk and informs the technician that no one has fixed his problem. The technician looks up the request in the system and finds that the issue is a warranty claim for accidental damage that is not covered by the company. Which of the following would be the BEST approach to resolve Peter’s concerns?

A. Tell Peter that the warranty company has already decided not to fix his computer due to the notes in the system.
B. Immediately escalate Peter to the company’s department manager.
C. Tell Peter that he does not have an accidental damage warranty and end the call politely.
D. Listen politely to Peter and inform him that accidental damage is not covered by his warranty and escalate to a manager.

Correct Answer: D

You need to be as polite as possible while maintaining business ethics. Politeness is the key to winning an individual’s trust. Tell her the accidental damage is not covered by the warranty and give her insight into warranties. Escalate the problem to a manager for a resolution.