CompTIA A+ Core 2 Question D-61

Emily, an end-user, reports to Peter, a helpdesk technician, that her computer has been redirecting her browser to unknown websites when clicking on search results. Peter runs a malware scan and finds that her computer is infected with malware. Peter uses the anti- malware program to remove the infection but Emily reports that the problem resurfaced the next day. Peter runs the malware scan again and finds the same malware is still infecting Emily’s computer. Peter runs several passes of the malware scan to remove the infection but it keeps recurring. Which of the following would MOST likely aid in removing the infection?

A. Enable Windows User Access Control to ensure the user has proper rights to remove the infected files.
B. Disable Windows firewall as it may be conflicting with the malware scan.
C. Run the malware scan in Windows safe mode.
D. Change the desktops IP address to a different subnet.

Correct Answer: C