CompTIA A+ Question A-72

Which of the following are examples of multimedia devices? (Select TWO).

A. Scanner
B. Digitizer
C. Webcam
D. Microphone
E. Touchscreen

Correct Answer: CD

Multimedia is the integration of multiple forms of media. This includes text, graphics, audio, video, etc. For example, a presentation involving audio and video clips would be considered a “multimedia presentation.” Educational software that involves animations, sound, and text is called “multimedia software.” CDs and DVDs are often considered to be “multimedia formats” since they can store a lot of data and most forms of multimedia require a lot of disk space. Webcam incorporates both audio and video. Similarly, microphone is a multimedia device because it incorporates sound and it can also be used for various applications. Touchscreen, scanner and digitizer are input devices because they require input from the user to function properly.